Monday, October 4, 2010

How to Add Sysprep file to VMWare vCenter Server

In order to create templates or customize the Windows OS on a cloned virtual machine in vCenter you must add the necessary sysprep files to the proper directory on your vCenter server.

vCenter 4 and up has native support for Windows Server 2008. No sysprep files are necessary.

In Windows Server 2008 the sysprep directory is:
c:\Program Data\VMWare\VMWare Virtual Center\sysprep

In Windows Server 2003 the sysprep directory is:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMWare\VMWare VirtualCenter\sysprep

Choose the appropriate OS for the sysprep files downloaded from Microsoft and extract them to the proper directory using one of the following procedures:

If your sysprep file is an exe file:

(1) Go to "Start, Run"
(2) Enter the path to your sysprep files and run it with a "/x"
      ie:     c:\sysprep files\WindowsXPxxxxxx.exe /x

This command will run and ask you where to extract the sysprep files. Choose the appropriate sysprep directory.

If your sysprep file is a cab file:

(1) Open your cab file.
(2) Press ctrl-A to select all.
(3) Right click and extract to the appropriate sysprep directory.

*****Here's a link to a KB article from VMWare with more info.*****

VMWare KB Article 1005593

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