Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cisco Shortcut Commands

I recently stumbled across a feature in IOS that I find very helpful. It is a way to add command aliases in your device. This will allow you to run lengthy commands with a short command of your choosing.

Not only is that extremely convenient, but the commands couldn't be simpler!

Here's the format:
alias <level> 'alias name' 'command '

To run a command use "exec" for the level. For example:
alias exec sr show run - This command would allow you to type "sr" as a substitution for "show run".

One word of caution. If you are studying for a certification I would strongly suggest you use full commands to help you remember them. After you land your sweet job make it easier and faster with these aliases.

Here's some suggestions:

Voice Router Commands:

  • alias exec scall show call active voice brief
  • alias exec sct show controller t1
  • alias exec scall show voice call summary
General Router Commands:
  • alias exec crs copy running-config startup-config
  • alias exec cdp show cdp neighbors
  • alias exec sib show ip interface brief
  • alias exec sir show ip route
  • alias exec sr show running-config
  • alias exec srb show running-config | begin
  • alias exec sri show running-config | include
  • alias exec sre show running-config | exclude
  • alias exec srint show running-config interface
I am sure you can think of a million more, but these were some of the most common commands I could think of. Feel free to post them up!